Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surprise fabrics and new bag

I was surprised to receive some back-ordered fabric last week as I thought I cancelled all my back orders when we closed the shop….never mind……we’ll sell it at bargain prices…. you can order from us by email to cowbellespatchwork@bigpond.com or by phone on 0437 200 888

The first piece is a really cute play mat panel for the little men in your lives….just pop it on some wadding and backing and quilt lightly (or just tie it!) They’ll play for hours with their matchbox cars among the brightly coloured pictures of “big boys toys” and roads.

The panel is a good size at 36” x 45” and each will cost $15.


The other one is a funk-adelic 60’s inspired black and white swirl that’s only $15 / metre.


I’ve been designing and sewing again lately preparing for classes next year – I’d almost forgotten how good sewing is for your soul! Here’s my new “Barrel Bag” on the clothesline this morning. It’s 9” high x 9” wide x 18” long…..a really handy size. The pattern is for sale by post at $15 + postage OR by download for only $10 (as a pdf attachment to an email)


Couldn’t resist a shot of my new hippeastrum flowers while I was downstairs…..


And the beautiful new shoots on the Bunya Pine that Dad gave us…..


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easy Angler

Despite no longer having a "bricks and mortar" quilt shop, I couldn't resist selling the "Easy Angler 2". I have one on my machine and just love it! I'm finding that it reduces my piecing time significantly.

It's a clear piece of rigid plastic that you attach to the bed of your sewing machine. It eliminates the need to draw lines on the back of squares when you're making half square triangles and flying geese. It will also improve your quarter inch seam accuracy and makes mitre-ing seams easier too.
It retails for AU$11.90 + postage. You can order by email to cowbellespatchwork@bigpond.com or phone on 0437 200 888

Judy Hooworth’s Class on October 11 and 12

Despite the flooding, most of us were able to make it to Bell for Judy’s “Going Crazy” class. We all had a lovely time and learnt lots from her, as always. Here’s one of her many inspiring sample quilts.


And here’s a shot of the class in full swing…..note the recently painted walls and the paintings on display at the front of the room.


The Bell Art Group, now trading as “Bluebelles”, are settling in to the old “Cowbelles” building and it’s worth popping in to have a look at their works on show – I brought home one of Cath McClelland’s paintings – a gorgeous one of the Bunyas with some golden crop in the foreground. You can see more of her works at http://www.cathymcclelland.com.au/

Photos below of the “show and tell” that some of the girls brought along. First up is Shelley’s Twisted Bargello from a class here earlier this year.


Then her Mariner’s Compass from our class with Lessa Siegele last year…..

PA110530 PA110529

Jana’s Figure Eight Bargello from our class in Term 2…..


And her 2010 Mystery Quilt :


Then one of Jan’s from Judy’s “Quilts on the Double” class here in 2008.


And another one….what fantastic border fabric!!!!!


Then her “Instant Bargello” based on a panel of birds….


And Dianne’s “Instant Bargello”….love those prairie points!!!


Another of Dianne’s…


Lastly, my bargello – finally quilted!!!!!


Apologies to everyone else who brought show and tell….the photos were all blurry and not useable.

If you were a student in Judy’s class, please email me photos of your quilts to post here.

Please remember that Tuesday’s at “Bluebelles” is still “Anything Goes” for sewers from 9 til 3 in the classroom/gallery. You’re all welcome at no charge with morning tea and lunch available for purchase.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of an Era

It’s official….. Cowbelles, as you know it, is changing……the coffee shop will remain, the fabric will all go (hopefully), the Art Group are excited about moving in to exhibit their works AND Tuesday sewing will continue as normal (except for two weeks off for the back room to be painted!)

Thanks to everyone….it’s been a great six years!!!!!

In an attempt to help clear the fabric, I took photos of what’s left and they’re following ……..all are 40% off…… sale ends 3pm September 10. We'r open 9am - 3pm every day until then (EVEN SUNDAY'S!!!) If you can't get in, you can order by phone on 07 4663 1193 or email to cowbellespatchwork@bigpond.com

P8260449 P8260450 P8260451 P8260452 P8260453 P8260454 P8260455 P8260456 P8260457 P8260458 P8260459 P8260460 P8260461 P8260462 P8260463 P8260464 P8260465 P8260466 P8260467

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mystery Unveiled and Catching Up

Another big couple of weeks here…..Tuesday saw the final instalment of our mystery quilt for 2010.  This is my sample.


This one is Jen’s…..


Some of Jan’s…..while we were auditioning fabric for the setting triangles….


Some of Joan’s laid on the table…


Effie’s Figure Eight Bargello






Joan’s Braid quilt from a class here a while back


And her Bargello…..complete with ruffled edge……


And a cute sign that I saw by the side of the road ….


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday and Last Week


It’s amazing watching the Figure Eight Bargellos develop….so many different colour combinations !

First up is Nancy’s SECOND one…..


Then two shots of Ann’s …..first in pieces then as a whole…sorry the second photo’s quite blurry, but you can still see the effect of the colours…

 P7060250 P7060258

Then Effie’s all together….


Then two different ways of arranging Lyn’s….

P7060252 P7060251

Then Mel’s……hand appliqued onto her white background.


Then Pam’s quilt from our 2009 Mystery Quilt classes….


This is Carol’s…..


And finally Erica’s ……