Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday and Tuesday and "Show and Tell"

We've been pretty busy again this week! We planned to make pillow cases and ended up also making cute little bags and fabric baskets from patterns I stumbled across on the web. So there are heaps of photos of these this week as well as our regular show and tell!

Starting our post is Ann's little dog in the back of her ute....all dressed up for the festive season and looking a little windswept!

This is Effie's quilt being made with blocks she received for her birthday recently.

This is Ruth's Hidden Wells quilt that she made at a class here earlier this year.

This is Pam's quilt made in our Mystery classes in April and May. The bias cut borders look great!

This is Claire's table runner .....

And some pillow cases she made....

Joan's pillow case.....

Elaine's pillow case...

Then we made some cute little bags from Joan Hawley at Lazy Girl Designs. You'll find the pattern at
This one is Joan's .....

And this one is Ann's ..... she doesn't normally "do" bags, but found this one irresistable! Note the fussy cut lady on the front....the back of the bag has a rear view too - but didn't get a photo of that.

You'll find the pattern for these handy little fabric baskets
(We used template plastic in lieu of cardboard so they could be washed and cut strips at 1.25" to make the ties)
These two are Elaine's....


Joan's ..... she received a fair bit of ribbing for "cheating" and using ribbon instead of making her ties.....much quicker tho!


and Nancy's....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Secret Santa Tuesday" and "Show and Tell"

I arrived at work and found Daisy and her friend Buttercup have moved in under the trees in our garden. What a lovely Christmas gift! Thankyou to all involved!

We opened our Secret Santa gifts at morning tea, along with some extra special treats from Carol, Elaine and Effie.

Moving on to "Show and Tell" ......This is Ann's "Old Maid's Puzzle" quilt in progress.....

And one of Mary's from Judy Hooworth's class with beautifully mitred borders!

A special quilt of Pam's for a little possum with leukaemia.

Shirley's "Disappearing Nine Patch" with butterflies for her sister.

Another "Carpenter's Wheel" from Pam....

And last but not least, Carol's "Attic Windows" featuring some cowboy panels for her grandson.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Virtual Show and Tell

We love getting pictures of class quilts via email. Here are a couple that came this week.

This is Lynne's "Jellygon" quilt, made in class here in November.

Andra made this in our Mystery Quilt series of classes in May....all made from her stash of scrap pieces - nothing over 5.5" square!

Tuesday's Show and Tell

Tuesday was sampler block day. Here are some of the "Old Maid's Puzzle" blocks that we made. They make such an interesting pattern when they're rotated in groups of four.

This is Janette's "Sunday Best" dress from a class earlier this term. We loved the effect of having the stripes of dots horizontally in the bodice and vertically in the skirt. If you look closely, there are really neat little purple pom poms dangling around where the bodice and skirt meet.

This is Effie's Carpenter's Wheel with its border on.

And Elaine's Carpenter's Wheel with a really cute chook print around the outside.

Nancy brought her "Carpenter's Wheel" in too....

This is Pam H's "Carpenter's Wheel"....she picked the colours from a piece of fabric with horses running on which is going to be the border.

This is Nancy's "Jellygon" quilt - all done by machine with 2.5" strips! All the fabrics are from fat quarters that she was given for her birthday.

This is Ruth's "Jellygon" quilt done like a traditional "Grandmother's Flower Garden".

Ruth also brought one of her tops from Judy Hooworth's "Quilts on the Double" class in September.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Carpenter's Wheel

Here are some of the lovely tops made in our Carpenter's Wheel classes in the last week. Apolgies to those whose photos weren't good enough to post.

Firstly, Nancy's - the only monochromatic one, stunning in four different shades of blue.

Then Effie's in Christmas prints....

Carol's also for Christmas....note the striking effect of the stripey white fabric...

Ann's in some bronze and blue prints with gold metallic bling and blue and lime green marbled fabric.

This is Pam's from Saturday's's destined for a child in Brisbane with leukaemia.

This is Ruth's.....the star points aren't clearly visible as her binding is obscuring them .....they'll come back once the binding is stitched down on the back.

This is Lorraine's....note the interesting dimension illusion that's caused by the sharp contrast between the cream and the soft green...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday's Show and Tell

What a great "Show and Tell" we had this week! Afterwards, we made some beautiful "Carpenter's Wheel" quilts in varying sizes. We'll post photos of those after Saturday's class.

This first quilt is Pam's braid quilt, done from one of our patterns. We picked the colours for the braid runs from the exquisitely coloured fish in her border fabric.

Here's Ann's work-in-progress from the "Jellygon" class held here earlier this month.

We all ooh-ed and aah-ed over Di's "Gather Ye Rosebuds" quilt, done with a tutor in Toowoomba.

These are her tops from Judy Hooworth's "Quilts on the Double" class here in September.

And Mary's from the same class......