Monday, December 1, 2008

Carpenter's Wheel

Here are some of the lovely tops made in our Carpenter's Wheel classes in the last week. Apolgies to those whose photos weren't good enough to post.

Firstly, Nancy's - the only monochromatic one, stunning in four different shades of blue.

Then Effie's in Christmas prints....

Carol's also for Christmas....note the striking effect of the stripey white fabric...

Ann's in some bronze and blue prints with gold metallic bling and blue and lime green marbled fabric.

This is Pam's from Saturday's's destined for a child in Brisbane with leukaemia.

This is Ruth's.....the star points aren't clearly visible as her binding is obscuring them .....they'll come back once the binding is stitched down on the back.

This is Lorraine's....note the interesting dimension illusion that's caused by the sharp contrast between the cream and the soft green...

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