Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of an Era

It’s official….. Cowbelles, as you know it, is changing……the coffee shop will remain, the fabric will all go (hopefully), the Art Group are excited about moving in to exhibit their works AND Tuesday sewing will continue as normal (except for two weeks off for the back room to be painted!)

Thanks to everyone….it’s been a great six years!!!!!

In an attempt to help clear the fabric, I took photos of what’s left and they’re following ……..all are 40% off…… sale ends 3pm September 10. We'r open 9am - 3pm every day until then (EVEN SUNDAY'S!!!) If you can't get in, you can order by phone on 07 4663 1193 or email to

P8260449 P8260450 P8260451 P8260452 P8260453 P8260454 P8260455 P8260456 P8260457 P8260458 P8260459 P8260460 P8260461 P8260462 P8260463 P8260464 P8260465 P8260466 P8260467