Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday 28APR09

Another great Tuesday here at Cowbelles.  We made potholders and then lots of blocks for another quilt for the bushfire victims in Victoria.  I forgot to take photos until it was nearly too late and most of the pot holders had gone home.  Any way, I think there are enough to give an idea of what we did.


These blocks came together really quickly from random 2.5” strips.  Lots more have gone to various homes to be made this week.  Hopefully, we’ll get it put together next week.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday 21APR09

Another hectic day at Cowbelles with much laughter coming from the classroom all day!  We really indulged at morning tea with Lime and Poppy seed syrup cake or Pear and Craisin loaf.  Lunch was pretty late but we eventually had Spinach and Ricotta lasagne.

Some real treasures for “Show and Tell” today…….

Here’s Nancy’s “Rose Trellis” quilt that she’s been working on during the week..


This is Carol’s special quilt of hearts from blocks that we all made for her during a sad time last year.


Jan has been working on this very special quilt for her daughter for a while.  I’m sure the photo doesn’t do it justice…it’s simply stunning.


Mary has made this dolly quilt for her grand-daughter’s birthday.  The little squares are really tiny….there’s a blue pin head showing in the top right corner to give you an idea of size!


Effie and Ann caught up on a few “Dollar Blocks”…..


This is Carol’s “Just Charming Bag” from a class here last term.


Monday was pupil-free at our local schools and a couple of little possums spent the morning here making bags.  The first photo shows Cass and Nee’s…..


And this one is Claire’s….


The storm season is continuing in our part of the world……I took this shot just south of Kaimkillenbun on my way home. 


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday 14APR09

Today was an anything goes day and I’m afraid I was too busy in the kitchen to get many photos of all the lovely things that were here for “Show and Tell”.

This is Nancy’s “Jellygon” quilt she was putting the borders on. It’s from a class here late last year.


This is Ann’s “Windblown” quilt from last year that was getting borders too.  She’s not too sure about the green, Paul and Chris, please let her know what you think……


As I was driving home from work, there was a huge storm coming in from the south so I just had to take these photos.  One of my friends slowed right down and stopped as, from a distance, I looked like a member of the constabulary in my light blue shirt and dark blue pants!

Storm2Compressed Storm1Compressed

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“Blackbird Pie” Quilt

I’ve just sent this top off to Carol’s for quilting.  It’s called “Blackbird Pie” and will be taught in class here next term on either Saturday May 9th or Tuesday May 12th.  Further class details can be found at www.cowbelles.com.au and click on the “What’s On” tab.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Catching up……..

A big post today to catch up on the last few weeks.

These first few photos are from the “Pinwheel Pirouette” classes that were held here in March.  I’m always amazed at the way different fabrics look when made up in the same pattern…..

P3140333 P3140334 P3140328 P3140329 P3140330 P3140331 P3140332 P3170338

Then some “show and tell” from March 17th :

First is one of Mary’s quilts from Judy Hooworth’s “Quilts on the Double” class here last year.



Then Ann’s strippy Quilt as You Go……


Then Janette’s “French Braid” back from Carol’s from our class last year.


Now for this week’s “show and tell”……

Nancy’s having a big birthday later this month, so we all gave her our “dollar block” for this month – she was so surprised!  It’s called “Rolling Star”.  Here they are up on the wall all together….


Don’t they look different rearranged “on point”…


Effie brought in her “Old Maid’s Puzzle”’ quilt that grew from a “Dollar Block” class…..


And lastly (if anyone’s still reading this!)…..Nancy finished her “Just Charming” Bag from last month’s class….