Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday 14APR09

Today was an anything goes day and I’m afraid I was too busy in the kitchen to get many photos of all the lovely things that were here for “Show and Tell”.

This is Nancy’s “Jellygon” quilt she was putting the borders on. It’s from a class here late last year.


This is Ann’s “Windblown” quilt from last year that was getting borders too.  She’s not too sure about the green, Paul and Chris, please let her know what you think……


As I was driving home from work, there was a huge storm coming in from the south so I just had to take these photos.  One of my friends slowed right down and stopped as, from a distance, I looked like a member of the constabulary in my light blue shirt and dark blue pants!

Storm2Compressed Storm1Compressed

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sandra said...

Amazing sky! We've got sun today but it's been grey, rainy and floody for 2 weeks up on the Sunny Coast.